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"Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children!"



What is a school year sponsor?


When you choose to become a "school year sponsor," you are matched to the child anonymously

for the duration of the school year. Upon the completion of the school year, the match is

suspended and the sponsor decides if they would like to register again for the upcoming school year.


There are two types of school year sponsorship available.


Type 1  - This sponsorship type encourages the sponsor to write notes of encouragement to the child and send donations of your choosing to brighten their day throughout the school year. There is no set amount of donations required, only items that you would like to send. When our staff has been made aware of a specific need of the child, we will notify you of the need and inquire if you would like to donate toward the immediate need.


Type  2 -  This sponsorship type allows you to set up an account designated for the child you are matched to. The account is utilized throughout the school year to meet the needs of the child. When our staff is made aware of a need the staff will purchase for the child and send the sponsor notification of the purchase.  The sponsor is sent a detailed statement to show the expenditures made for the child.  There is not set monetary amount to set up the account.  Deposits to the account can be made throughout the year.  Specific purchases to be made by our staff on behalf of the sponsor throughout the school year.  







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